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When George Stephen, founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., designed his first kettle-shaped barbecue grill in 1951, he sparked a backyard revolution. Tired of complaining about flat, open braziers that exposed his food to wind, ashes, and charring flare-ups, he decided to put a lid on it--literally. At the time, George worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works outside of Chicago, welding large metal spheres together to make buoys. It was in these very spheres that his idea took shape. He knew a rounded cooking bowl with a lid was the key to success. He added three legs to the bottom, a handle to the top, and took the oddity home. The popular kettle shape quickly became an American icon for food and fun. Today, every Weber grill comes equipped with a legacy of caring.

Spirit E 210 Gas Grill  Spirit E 210 Gas Grill
This basic-but-far-from-boring model offers two stainless steel burners, a total cooking area of 458 sq. in., and porcelain-enameled cooking grates and Flavorizer bars. You can also move the grill and lock it in place with the convenient, heavyduty swivel casters.
The Spirit E-310  The Spirit E-310
The Spirit E-310 gas grill’s three stainless steel burners and 536 sq. in. cooking space give you the freedom to fire up some serious food. Plus, the precisely engineered electronic Crossover ignition system puts the heat where you want it, when you want it. No questions asked.

Genesis E-310  Genesis E-310
Genesis® E-310™ You’ll love cooking up a storm on this glamorous grilling stunner. The Genesis® E-310™ gas grill is available in green, black and copper and comes fully equipped with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and Flavorizer bars to effectively hold and distribute heat as you grill.
Genesis E-320  Genesis E-320
You’ll like the Genesis® E-320™ gas grill for its striking green, black or copper good looks. But you’ll love it for its porcelain-enemeled cast iron cooking grates and Flavorizer bars. A flush-mounted side buner sweetens the deal even more.
Genesis E-330  Genesis E-330
This stainless steel rendition of our top-of-the-line Genesis® gas grill creates an atmosphere of pure grilling excellence. It’s high-heat Sear Station®

Summit S-420  Summit S-420
With four stainless steel burners, a flush-mounted side burner, and 650 sq. in. of total cooking space, the Summit® S-420 grill sizzles with excellence. Its 9.5mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates are made with thick, lasting materials so that you can grill and grill and grill.

One Touch Gold 18.5 Grill  One Touch Gold 18.5 Grill
First, there’s the 240 sq. in. of grilling space. Then there's a plated steel hinged cooking grate that makes adding briquettes a breeze. And to top everything off, you get a stainless steel One Touch, easy-clean system that's second to none.
One Touch Gold 22.5 Grill  One Touch Gold 22.5 Grill
Available in black, green, or blue, the One-Touch® Gold 22.5 charcoal grill provides a 22.5-inch diameter cooking area so you have more space to accommodate all the savory grilled flavors you love. Plus, the plated steel hinged cooking grate offer ultimate convenience for adding charcoal.
One Touch Gold 26.75 Grill  One Touch Gold 26.75 Grill
Brought back by popular demand in 2009, this head turner gives you everything you need to grill like the pros. It offers a roomy 26.75-inch diameter, a stainless steel hinged cooking grate and two Char-basket charcoal fuel holders.
One Touch Silver 18.5  One Touch Silver 18.5
Experience the charcoal revolution that started it all with this 18.5-inch diameter grilling powerhouse. This shining black looker offers a plated steel cooking grate and convenient, rearmounted wheels to make movement a snap.
One Touch Silver 22.5 Grill  One Touch Silver 22.5 Grill
363 sq. in. of wide-open grilling space give you all the room you need to create anything your mind—or your appetite—can cook up. Plus, the Silver’s One Touch cleaning system makes ash removal easier than you ever imagined.
 One Touch Platinum One Touch Platinum
Intelligent design meets grilling glory in the outstanding One-Touch® Platinum charcoal grill. Think extra workspace with two side tables, extra convenience with a streamlined Tuck-Away lid holder, and extra versatility with two charcoal fuel holders. 

Fireplace Gather 'round  Fireplace Gather 'round
Gather around to enjoy the warmth of a real fire, and the love of your family and friends. This gorgeous fireplace pulls any backyard setting together. Perfect for creating lasting memories, this 29.5 inch diameter base fireplace is as tough as they come. A porcelain-enameled lid and bowl beautifully contain your crackling fire while a no-rust aluminum heat shield keeps you and your loves ones safe and warm.